Founded in 2005 by five type B Social Cooperatives belonging to LegaCoop Liguria, today Consorzio Omnia has seven Cooperatives for a total of about 1200 employees (between members and employees) of which 40% belong to the weaker groups.

these are Social Cooperatives that have been active for a long time throughout the Ligurian territory, where they perform numerous services, with the aim of promoting the employment of disadvantaged people pursuant to art. 4 of law 381/91: all consortium cooperatives are certified UNI EN ISO 9001 UNI EN ISO 14001 and UNI EN ISO 45001 and some are also certified for the SA8000 standard.
Consorzio Omnia aims to support and encourage the entrepreneurial consolidation of the consortium cooperatives by working in synergy in the various sectors of intervention and operating throughout the Ligurian territory.
Consorzio Omnia provides services and tools useful for the pursuit of mutual aid and the strengthening of work placement policies.

Particular attention is dedicated to training and achieving homogeneity of organizational and operational standards also for the purpose of making common investments in the business sectors. Consorzio Omnia specializes in various sectors: cleaning, environment, catering, parking management, concierge, production activities, evacuation and transport services, mortuary management and transport in the health sector.
In carrying out the various activities, the Consortium uses state-of-the-art equipment, quality products and marks its services in respect of the environment.
It can count on qualified personnel with many years of experience, trained according to the latest regulations and technologies.
The Consortium offers its services to public and private entities, local administrations, condominiums and offices, industrial premises and urban spaces, public parks and natural areas, hospitals, schools, museums, companies.
It provides the single-dose drug transport service at the San Martino Polyclinic Hospital in Genoa, delivering drugs according to the real needs of the wards served, in particular by means of temperature-controlled transport.

Consorzio Omnia offers a catering service that combines attention to raw materials and the quality of food and the work inclusion of the weaker groups.
It performs services outsourced by AMIU in the metropolitan area of Genoa and in some neighboring municipalities, also dealing with door-to-door collection service and the collection and recovery of WEEE waste (waste from electrical and electronic equipment).
To carry out these and other services, Consorzio Omnia has licenses and authorizations for the collection of any other material, in addition to paper, including materials classified as dangerous: it has almost 500 C.E.R. for transport on behalf of third parties and 22 for own account regarding biodegradable waste from kitchens and canteens, clothing, textile products (composite materials and materials derived from the processing of natural, synthetic or artificial fibers, as well as clothing and clothing), wood , plastics, unsorted municipal waste, market waste, street cleaning residues.
It also has the authorization to transport solid urban and similar or special non-hazardous waste and the organic fraction of solid urban waste.
Specific activities related to Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Life Cycle Costing (LCC) to assess and monitor the environmental load and demonstrate the economic sustainability of products and processes were carried out in the collection and management of WEEE waste.
It carries out the collection and preparation service for the reuse of WEEE, in which the waste is subjected to operations of deletion of sensitive data, control, cleaning, disassembly and possible repairs in landfills, favours the recovery of components.
It provides environmental consultancy services by informing and training customers in the correct and conscious management of special, hazardous and non-hazardous waste (loading / unloading register management, SISTRI, MUD…).
Thanks to the information and technical support, the company can correctly identify its waste and identify the plants authorized for their treatment. Companies can also request a detailed study of the production of their waste, the environmental consultant will provide a specific management policy document. Consorzio Omnia is also responsible for issuing the Waste Identification Forms, the SISTRI cards and supporting the company in compiling the approval documents required by the plants (EU Regulation 955/2014) and the documentation for the cancellation of the asset register.
In order to help companies in proper management, Consorzio Omnia regularly offers training meetings on regulatory and practical issues of corporate waste management, such as eg.:

  • The practical management of waste by the authorities and companies;
  • Sistri: practical demonstrations of the complete management cycle for producers of hazardous waste;
  • The classification and management of hazardous waste;
  • Management in the company and paper obligations: Classification, CER, temporary deposit, FIR, registers, MUD.

Work Package

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Giorgio Chiaranz

MSC, Project manager

Vice President of the Social Cooperative Il Rastrello Onlus is Head of the Integrated System Office (Environment, Quality, HACCP and Safety), ASP, Supervisor of the Urban Fauna / Disinfestation and Drug Transport Sectors.
He is teaching assistant at the University of Genoa in the course of “Methods of Statistics and Probability” C.L. Environmental Sciences and Sciences of Natural Systems and of “Urban Fauna Management” C.L. Environmental Sciences, Natural Sciences and Biological Sciences. Trainer in the field of Occupational Safety, Fire Fighting, HACCP, Environmental Hygiene, Sanitation, has gained a consolidated experience in the field of Accreditation of Healthcare, Social-Health, Social-Welfare Structures, Certifications (ISO 14001, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 45001, SA8000, UNI EN 16636) HACCP, Environmental Hygiene and Safety at Work.

Daniele Duradoni

MSC, Project manager,

He started working for the University of Genoa in several projects and in collaboration with the Region and Province of Genoa in projects for the monitoring and conservation of the environment. He works in the setting of governance projects for sustainable development in National Parks.