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EcoeFISHency is about delivering solutions to change the fundamental way a system works by changing the structure of its key feedback loops (systemic approach).

The system on the assumption, here, is the marine living resources industrial domain of the bio-blue economy, with its several economic, environmental, and social challenges which are now affecting the Fish and the Fishing industry.

Solutions for eco-efficient territorial distribution are created and gathered under a multilevel, replicable, circular, socio-economic, and sustainable cluster interconnecting blue/green economies.

And at the core of the cluster are six innovative, profitable, climate-neutral Circular Value Chains (CVCs) directing all the actions defined and oriented to the implementation of territorial systemic solutions and the ecosystem(s) preservation.

Work packages

The drivers behind the need for a systemic approach within (bio) green and blue economies are several and multifaceted:

Main issues

Changes to the status quo


Scientific Contents

In this section scientific technical contents – as videos, infographics and papers –
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