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BLUE PANDA WEEK – Round table on “Salvamare” law with EcoeFISHent partners

On July 11th WWF Italia organized an institutional round table in Camogli (Ligurian region) at the end of Blue Panda Week to discuss the “Salvamare” Law, recently approved in Liguria for the recovery the accidentally fishing of waste.

BLUE PANDA WEEK – Portofino PMA, in cooperation with EcoeFISHent

From July 8th to 11th the BLUE PANDA WEEK will be held in Camogli – Portofino Protected Marine Area, Ligurian region (Italy): an important initiative organized by WWF Italy satisfying one of the main objectives of the EcoeFISHent project: raising local community awareness on marine litter and promote ghost gear recovery campaigns.

EcoeFISHent included in Generale Conserve sustainability report 2021

EcoeFISHent partner Generale Conserve spa, released the sustainability report 2021 which includes a specific section dedicated to the project.

EcoeFISHent General Assembly, 31 May-1 June

On the last May 31st and June 1st EcoeFISHent partners met for the six-monthly General Assembly hosted by ANFACO-Cecopesca and SYSPRO in Vigo (Spain).

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On July 11th @WWFitalia organized a round table at the end of Blue Panda Week to discuss the #Salvamare Law, an important step towards the #EcoeFISHent sea cleaning objectives.
A letter of intent was signed to manage #GhostGear in @Amp_Portofino.

The Blue Panda main challenge is #30by30 goal: the protection of at least 30% of the #Mediterranean by 2030.
On July 8th, the crew participated in the activities related to the #EcoeFishent project: seabed #cleaning, #plastic and #GhostGear recovery.

#H2020 projects #EcoeFISHent, @frontsh1p, @Agro2Circular and @Circular_Foam were presented in Genoa as part of GD3.2 LOOP-Cluster workshop on how to build a low-carbon, climate-resilient future for cities and regions.
Recording is now available!

The launching event of C-City took place on 20th June, with the aim to transform Genoa in a #CircularCity.
Some #EcoeFISHent partners attended the working groups in order to disseminate our project and some #CircularEconomy tips and strategies for the city of #Genoa.

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A journey aboard the WWF Blue Panda, to save seas from plastic

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A letter of intent to protect Portofino PMA from ghost gear

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