Nofima AS

Nofima AS, the Norwegian Institute of Food, Fisheries and Aquaculture Research is a partly governmental owned, independent institute and one of Europe’s largest institute for applied research within the fields of fisheries, aquaculture and food.

Nofima’s interdisciplinary research targets whole value-chain innovations for sustainable growth in the fish, aquaculture and food industries. Nofima has just under 400 employees, projects in over 31 countries, and engaged in about 600 projects, with a turnover of 676 million NOK in 2019. Nofima has over many years developed an extensive knowledge about the treatment, processing, and further product development from marine biomasses. In order to obtain the most value from the biomass, we use a suite of analytical techniques to characterize the components in the untreated biomass, then we develop processes in order retain the most possible value from the components.

For the treatment of the biomass we initially evaluate ways of conserving the biomass at the site of landing as the result of the drying technique applied. When the biomass is processed directly after harvest, initial technologies in order to enhance the processing is also evaluated. Many new techniques have been evaluated and developed in later years including microwave, ultrasound, pulsed field and activated plasma. These techniques are used both before, during and after processing in order to improve yield and enhanced mass transfer to better isolate compounds.
Many processes are performed stepwise, where the oil is extracted first, then the protein, biopolymers, like chitin/chitosan, and remaining antioxidants are isolated post extraction. Solvents can be used in extraction, including alcohols, oils, eutectic solvents and pH adjusted solvents. Nofima has worked with all these in order to optimize extractions in stepwise isolations, reviewing and creating products with a healthier fat profile, and Nofima has an extensive analytical platform for characterization of lipids and lipid oxidation.

Work Package

WP2, WP3, WP4, WP7

Nofima will focus on specific side streams but work in close collaboration with all process development partners in the project. Nofima will take the products form testing in laboratory scale to small industrial prototype scale at our demonstration plant.
Nofima will also participate in developing sustainable packaging from the side streams. Nofima has a long experience in packaging technology and who this could benefit shelf-life and safety of foods. In particular, using innovative combination of technologies, including modified atmosphere packaging and alternatives including soluble gas stabilization, emitter/absorbers, essential oil and other active or intelligent packaging solutions. We have also the last decades work on alternative packaging materials made from renewable resources, and have an on-going strategic program, PackTech, looking in to both nano-composites with active and anti-microbial components, and biodegradable biomaterials from e.g. algae biomass.
In addition to process development, Nofima will also ensure that our competence within product innovation, supply chain optimization, sensory aspects, process monitoring and market research in order to ensure that commercially viable solutions are developed in the project.


Kjersti Lian

Scientist, Marine Biotechnology

Kjersti has lead a number of projects towards optimzation and valorization of biomass, demonstration of scale and processes. Kjersti manages infrastructure investments and maintenance in laboratory and pilot scale and specializes in drying of marine biomass. The research group focuses on the use of environmentally friendly processes to isolate and optimize high value components from a large variety of biomass, including processes that are difficult to handle. Identification and isolation of active substances including enzymes, bioactive peptides, antioxidants, oils and nutrients are of specific focus. Will participate in WP2,3

Morten Sivertsvik

Director of Research, Process Technology

Main areas for research are preservation and processing of food, with special emphasis of fish, seafood and packaging technology. Developing sustainable packaging technology and investigation into how this could benefit shelf-life and safety of foods. In particular, using innovative combination of technologies, including modified atmosphere packaging and alternatives. Will participate in WP4

Runar Gjerp Solstad

Scientist, marine biotechnology

Runar coordinates EUH2020 funded project BlueCC aiming to secure sustainable collagen and chitin derived products from various European marine side streams. Will participate in WP2,3

Izumi Sone

Scientist, Processing technology 

Main areas of research include gelation and rheological properties of protein systems; innovative processing technologies (incl. high pressure processing, ultrasound, plasma activated water, microwave) and its effect on protein techno-functional properties, protein-polysaccharide complexes, (sea)food raw material, product quality and shelf life. Will participate in WP2,4

Nusrat Sharmin

Scientist, Food safety and quality 

Main area of research is the synthesis and modifications of biopolymers for improved functional properties. Current research area revolves around the production of new and sustainable materials for future food packaging applications. In particular using natural biopolymers in combination with nanotechnology and other cutting age technologies such as, cold atmospheric plasma, ultrasound, high pressure processing for environment friendly food packaging slutions.

Birthe Vang

Scientist, Marine Biotechnology 

Birthe work mostly with the utilization and valorization of marine residual raw material, and little utilized marine species such as mesopelagic fish, algae and zooplankton. Birthe has extensive knowledge in processing and analysis of marine raw materials and products. Will participate in WP2,3.

Oda Bjørnsborg

Communications adviser 

Oda has worked in Brussels for a research institute as well as for a Norwegian regional office. Experienced in project administration, communication and stakeholder engagement. Currently responsible for communication in several EU funded projects and an editor of social media channels at Nofima. Will participate in WP7.