Coop Italia

Coop is one of the biggest retailer, with a turnover of 14,3 Bln Euros, and a 14,2 % market share.

The Coop system is based on 6,6 million consumer members and 51.300 employees. Its multi-format structure includes over 100 hypermarkets and over 1.000 supermarkets and convenience stores. It is a system of Italian consumers’ cooperatives, made of a network of small and medium supermarkets and hypermarkets. Its multi-format structure includes, in 18 Regions, 1.136 stores, mainly widespread in Central and Northern Italy. Coop Italia is a Consortium of the Coop cooperatives and is the Marketing and Buying central of Consumer Cooperatives: the Consortium is responsible for negotiating with Industry and producers, for developing and maintaining of Private Label, quality, sustainability and safety policies and marketing strategy. Coop Italia combines the logic of the market with social responsibility in terms of sustainability.

Coop Italia is the owner of Coop Far East Limited, based in Hong Kong, and it has developed business with China for over 25 years, for the import of non food products of all categories. Coop Italia, together with E. Leclerc, Ahold-Delhaize and Rewe is a Member of Coopernic, the European Cooperative Alliance for the negotiation with International Brands suppliers and Private Label sourcing. Coop Italia manages private label products that are distributed in all cooperatives: more than 4500 sku in different product categories and with various subbrands. COOP’s strategy is focused mainly on sustainability such as: best practices in animal welfare, promotion of circular economy, use of non-GM food and feed, GHG reduction, energy consumption, reduction and recycling of plastics, improvements in packaging, introduction of precision agriculture to reduce and optimize pesticides and chemicals in general, reduction up to the elimination of antibiotics in animal breeding, etc. Coop Italia has also a proper internal laboratory (chemical , molecular biology and sensoric) dedicated to innovative techniques ; it works particularly about frauds with untarget analysis. The participation to the project confirms COOP commitment in the circular economy and in reduction of waste for the product and regarding the whole supply chain from the production until the information to consumers to improve their awareness concerning this topic. Main tasks attributed in the project Collection of waste from its stores to be sent for recycling Replicability study at national level (obviously this is subjudice to the implementation of the rest) Communication and dissemination activities

Work Package

WP1, WP6, WP7, WP8

Storaging and preparing side-streams dealing with European/local regulation in respect of “cold chain” preservation and side-streams transport.
Logistic plan and IT/IoT system implementation and side streams transports.
Collecting, Sorting and Selecting side streams

WP6 – Cluster ecosystem modelling with replicability and investments pipeline assessment
WP7 – Dissemination, Exploitation and Cluster Local communities involvement
WP8 – Management and Coordination


Chiara Faenza

Responsible for Sustainability and Values Innovation and responsible for internal lab

She has Industrial Chemistry degree, worked in Coop’s quality department as inspector for grocery, in R&D department to develop new private label products or to implement existing ones (in grocery’s area for the categories of competence), then as manager in labeling updated for PL products for the advent of the REG CE 1169 /2011. She worked also as responsible for PL drugs: development of new products, commercial function, management for legal requirements.

Vittorio Ramazza

Oversees the Communications and
Projects workstream

This includes managing projects of large scale for example in the sustainability area (“Coop: Together for a Sustainable Future” or “Sustainable Fisheries” among others) and co-ordinating partnerships with national and international organisations. Prior to this, Vittorio Ramazza has contributed to the development of several Coop-branded products, especially in the meat and dairy area, specialising in particular with the improvement of the productive chain control system. Vittorio Ramazza holds a Degree in Sciences of Animal Production (University of Bologna, Agricultural Faculty, 1987)