WIISE Benefit Ltd (WIISE), is the Rome-based company founded by Dario Dongo in 2012 with a specific focus on food and feed.

After twenty years of experience, first in a law firm, then as the head of Legal Affairs of the Italian companies of the Eridania-Beghin Say group, then as the head of European and regulatory policies of Federalimentare (the Italian food & drink industry federation), Dario Dongo has developed the project with the aim of integrating a strategic consultancy firm with all the legal, technical and regulatory, public relations and lobbying services, on an international scale.

The result is a platform of EU policies and regulations experts providing full services to governmental and public entities, as well as to companies and private bodies, with a specific focus on implementing the Farm to Fork (F2F) strategy. In the light of accelerating the transition towards more sustainable food systems and achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), reducing the overall impact of supply chains on the environment, respecting ecosystems and biodiversity, circular economy, international cooperation based on principles of solidarity and knowledge sharing.

WIISE, through its division FARE (Food and Agriculture Requirements), has a consolidated experience in Horizon 2020 European projects and offers consulting services in all areas of potential interest in the food and feed, food contact materials, fast moving consumer goods sectors. It provides introductory dossiers with the rules applicable to each product category in the target countries, pre-market authorizations, certificates and any required documents, including data sheets and labels. And also, optimization of quality certifications and IP portfolios, international contracts, coordination and/or direct management of litigations. In addition, WIISE offers independent information (mostly through the websites FARE  www.foodagriculturerequirements.com and GIFT www.greatitalianfoodtrade.it, independent website with about 3 million visitors/year (mainly professionals in the food and feed, food contact materials and consumer goods sectors) dedicated to sustainable food and feed supply-chains.

WIISE does also organize conferences, training events and lectures for public and private companies, in order to deepen the knowledge of technical and legal and trade-related aspects to the agri-food sector in the EU and non-EU areas. 

In EcoeFISHent, WIISE will contribute mainly in WP2, WP3, WP6 and WP7, offering strategic advice and regulatory expertise in the food and feed sectors and preparing the relevant dossiers and guidelines. It will provide legal expertise and ongoing updates on the evolution of all regulatory aspects that may have an impact on the activities (such as animal by-products regulation, waste legislation, consumers information, health claims, traceability, food safety, novel food), and ensure the compliance with EU rules, policies and best practices.

Work Package

WP1, WP2, WP3, WP6, WP7, WP8