SYSPRO is a company with extensive experience in the field of integration and automation of processes and machinery, process engineering, robotics, machine vision, smart factory, validations GMP and special machines developing in sectors such as food and pharma.

We support our customers in the analysis of the needs of their facilities to increase their productivity, quality and safety. This may involve automating manual processes, robotizing all or part of the production processes, migrating current systems to other technologies, increasing the integration of field control equipment with computer or monitoring systems, and any other changes that improve production.

About the process engineering, SYSPRO carry out project management tasks in all phases of our own projects and of the client or of third parties’ projects: coordination of the different phases of the project, cost control, coordination of all disciplines (engineering, mechanics, electricity, automation, validations, etc.), monitoring of milestones and other internal management tasks of the client. Analysis of the requirements of the process according to the client’s needs and design of the optimal solution for each case. The design can be carried out either independently or jointly with the client’s engineering department. Production of standardized Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams that represent any process installation in a complete and up-to-date manner. Definition of documents that clearly set out the operation of the installation and its components: process description, instrumentation list, isometrics. The functional description of the process will be the basis for the correct start-up of the production line or lines. We define and select the most appropriate field instruments for each application, which also meet the standards required by both the customer and the process to be treated. We configure and calibrate the instruments. We work with all manufacturers in the market. We define and perform the necessary procedures, operations and tests before the start-up of the equipment or production lines, to guarantee their smooth operation. We verify that said equipment complies with the specifications defined in the initial phase of the project.

SYSPRO´s main responsibility in EcoeFISHent project is the development of automated demo-plant for bioactive, collagen and gelatine for production and commercialization of demo plants. Commissioning of the local pilot unit for bioactives and gelatine extraction with sustainable extraction process, a combined enzymatic hydrolysis and fractionation and downstream purification. It will be a combined enzymatic hydrolysis process upscaling.

Work Package

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