Industrial consultancy firm for the sustainable development of manufacturing companies as well as products in particular in the field of packaging and textiles on their own and / or on behalf of third parties in Italy and abroad. 

Management engaged for over thirty years in the promotion of thermoplastic and cellulosic raw materials for industry.

Work Package

WP4, WP5, WP6, WP7, WP8

Production, distribution and use of isothermal boxes in biobased and biodegradable biopolymers for the transport and storage of fish products, alternatives to the use of EPS.
Development of a patented small size box to reduce the environmental footprint in the transport and storage of the boxes before use (eco-design).
Design and adaptation of an accelerated composting plant through the use of electromechanical technology aimed at reducing the volume of post-consumer waste and production of pre-soil improver derived from the controlled fermentation of expanded polylactic acid (EPLA) and organic waste in proportional mix.


Marco Benedetti

R&D Manager of Greenevolution

Linda Benedetti

Assistant and secretary