Generale Conserve

Generale Conserve S.p.A is an Italian seafood group producing, marketing and distributing premium canned seafood products sold under the iconic brand ASdoMar and also a co-leader in production of private labels.

Manufacturing activities running in two units, located in Olbia (Italy) and Vila Do Conde (Portugal) with 684 employees.
Product range includes a large variety of Tuna, Mackerel and Atlantic Salmon sold in cans, jars and pâté tubes.
In over 40 years of activity, the company has established itself on the market as a model in terms of quality, innovation and sustainability, offering a quality product, made through the careful selection of raw materials in compliance with the sustainability of fishing, and characterized by combination of traditional craftsmanship and technological innovation.
Products are primarily sold across Italy through a diversified and loyal customer base including large retailers and discounters.
Business includes the sale of ingredients to the fishmeal and pet food industries by processing the “scraps” obtained from tuna process for human products.

The EcoeFISHent project fits perfectly into our activities related to the sustainability strategy. Aim of the project would be to improve scraps management and obtain more added value together with identification of resources to improve the whole production and supply chain. It completes the “Zero Waste Tuna” project, in which we use 100% of tuna processing waste to produce pet food and fish meal for animal feeding.

We will communicate the project in an integrated way:

  • Dedicated chapter in our Sustainability Report. ASDOMAR has been publishing its Sustainability Report since 2012. Drawn up in accordance with the international guidelines for social corporate reporting (GRI) and audited by an independent and qualified audit firm (Deloitte), this document provides a complete and in-depth description of ASDOMAR’s commitment for sustainability (WP7)
  • Integrated communication on our social media channels, to reach a wider audience of final consumers and stakeholders (WP7)
  • Dedicated section of our institutional website (Italian and English) (WP7)
  • Spreading of the activities and popularization of results (WP7)
  • Dissemination of the project and its expected results in terms of zero-waste and circular-economy among the financial community in order to sound out the interest of banks a financial stakeholder about ESG loan or similar supporting financial instruments (WP8)

Work Package

WP1, WP2, WP6, WP7, WP8


Giovanni Battista Valsecchi

General Manager

In 2014 he joined Generale Conserve Spa – ASDOMAR with the role of General Manager and during the period 2015-2016, his family took the majority of the Company’s shares.
He is ANCIT (National Association of Fish and Tuna Producers) Vice President.
Member of the Board of Directors of Centromarca (Italian Association of Brand Industry, promotes the culture and values of the Brand in the Market and in Society).
Member of the executive board of Federpesca (National Federation of Fishing Enterprises, associates, represents Italian fishing shipowners and companies in the fishing industry).
Since the end of 2017 he has been President of EticLab (association that promotes the values of economic, social and environmental sustainability).