FI.L.S.E., as in-house structure, is the technical body that supports and assists the Liguria Region Government in planning and implementing policies and interventions to support the economic and social development of Liguria Region.

The range of action of FILSE refers in particular to technical and operational support, environmental regeneration policies and support for economic development, the management and programming of public financial instruments for Ligurian SMEs and public entities, the definition of an institutional, regulatory and management architecture for the new innovation and research strategy and the constant development of projects and services aimed at supporting every sector of the Ligurian economy. 

FILSE has more than 20 years of incubation best practice experience, with its regional incubators (Genoa and Savona) and offices in Imperia and in La Spezia, settled in the local Chambers of Commerce. It is member of EBN – European Business Innovation Centers Association, the leading pan European incubator and innovator network. FILSE supports development of domestic companies and internationalization, promoting competitiveness, economic and business development policies and processes, creation, innovation and growth of SME. It operates to assist and enrich territorial vocations, working in synergy with the local Institutions. Furthermore, FILSE is currently engaged in 12 European projects as a partner / lead partner to support business creation, more other local/national projects.

Work Package

WP1, WP5, WP6 (Leader), WP7, WP8 (Leader), WP9

FILSE, as Lead Partner will coordinate the partnership in management activities. As coordinator will be responsible: – for the relationship with H2020 Programme/officers, included signing agreements, – for the partners coordination, – preparation of the intra-consortium documents, agreements and amendments, – to coordinate the partnership in case we are awarded specific agreement, working for the implementation of the project methodology and reporting, carrying out actions and achieving results, collecting from the other partners the progress reports and financial statements, preparing a comprehensive documents and will submit in PP, attending to the meetings and organizing Consortium meetings, respecting the deadlines defined in the SGA Call for Proposal and by the Programme in accordance with the partnership. Furthermore, FILSE will collaborate with the partners in the following project activities:

  • Analysis of regulations and incentives for the adoption of new circular models for co-products and sidestreams
    Circular Economy Action Plan Implementation;
  • EcoeFISHent circular Business Model Development. In particular FILSE will be responsible to create an international pipeline of investments promoting and implementing improvement programs and actions aimed at attracting investors and involving local community.


Federico La Torre

Communication manager

After my graduation in politics and social sciences, I mastered my communication skills in the digital marketing sector for a few years. My recent working experience as a communication manager on Interreg Programmes and my passion for Liguria region brought me to Genova where I was glad to join the EU projects team at FILSE, in May 2021.

Ilaria Molinelli

Financial manager

To date, I have worked on two national programmes (EIF / FAMI) and five EU programmes (Horizon 2020, ENI CBC MED, INTERREG ALCOTRA, INTERREG EUROPE, INTERREG MARITIME) dealing with 18 different projects, a third of which as project leader, for a project budget of over 40 million euro. I have also been dealing with accounting and public financial procedures in support of Regione Liguria for 7 years.

Valeria Rainisio

EU project manager 

and is a senior expert with over 15 years of experience in international projects funded by the EU. She deals with international cooperation, as project manager and partnership’ coordinator in European projects, working in EU call monitoring, designing, writing, budgeting and managing projects and partnerships’ coordination. She also works as technical assistance in EU projects managed by Liguria Region body.

In addition to EU projects’ managements, she has been an expert in communication and events organization for 20 years.

Nives Maria Riggio

Vice General Director 

Silvia Pedemonte

EU project manager 

I have always been involved in business creation. After my Master in Technology Transfer, Entrepreneurship and Innovation I specialized in supporting innovative start-ups.

Fernando Trivino

Financial manager

For the last three years, I have been dealing with the management of financial files for both ERDF and ESF funds, as well as with data management and processing activities. In the field of European projects, I am mainly involved in external awarding procedures and reporting, as well as in assisting the Liguria Region in administrative and accounting procedures related to Interreg projects.