BVA Nudge Consulting

BVA Nudge Consulting is a global consultancy that combines Behavioral Science & Sectorial Expertise to drive successful behavior change, build enduring capabilities and deliver measurable results.

Across sectors, countries and business challenges, we’ve shown that behavioral science can change customer, employee and organizational behavior at modest cost to deliver results and positive ROI. Notably, we search for “win-win-win” opportunities, in which behavior changes benefit organizations, their customers or employees and society.

Work Package

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To be efficient, new solutions provided for a more sustainable word need to be adopted by populations. This is often a question of behaviour change. While most of us have good intentions and recognize the severity of the climate situation – old habits are hard to break, new habits are difficult to build, and we experience cognitive overload with all the demands of everyday life. So, despite our good intentions, our actions don’t always comply. This is the Intention to Action gap, where Behavioural Science can help and the value the BVA Nudge Consulting provides to the project.

BVA Nudge Consulting will help to optimize the communication, as well as trainings, thanks to behavioural science, amongst 3 targets with 3 different behavior challenges associated:

  1. CONSUMERS: to involve in new responsible habit e.g. buying local products involved in our value chains (fish, cosmetic, nutraceutics)
  2. FISH SHOPS: participate to the system, providing their sidestreams and changing fish packing to a sustainable one
  3. FISHERMEN: adopt sustainable fishing practices.

To do so, BVA Nudge Consulting will apply its NudgeLab process.


Beltrande Bakoula

Associate Director

She works for BVA Nudge Consulting since its creation in 2013. Specializing in Public Policies, Health and Sustainable development, she has managed many significant projects for public (community, ministry, public institutions) and private clients. She regularly participates as a visiting professor in various Master’s programs to lecture about qualitative studies and behavioral economics applied to communication problems.

Etienne Bressoud

Deputy CEO

He helps public and private organizations to create sustainable behavioral change using behavioral science and Nudge. He is also Co-Founder and VP of NudgeFrance, which aims at developing the use of behavioral science in French public policies. Former Associate Professor, he is the author of academic and professional publications. Enthusiastic about education, he is the author of “Nudge et autres coups de pouce pour mieux apprendre” (Pearson Ed., 2021). Etienne is also a TEDx speaker, and regularly speaks at conferences.

Sophie Goudet

Business Development Director

She has more than 20 years of experience in both qualitative and quantitative opinion research. Before joining BVA, she was the General Manager of Kantar Public in Brussels where she has worked for more than 7 years. She has also been for 4 years the Head of Polling at the French Ministry of Economy. For 6 years at IPSOS she led multi country employee surveys and change management programs to the benefit of large corporation.

Patrizia Franchini

Patrizia Franchini

Psychologist/Qualitative Senior Research Manager

She developed the design and coordination of institutional investigations with targets such as public agencies’ managers, politicians, opinion leaders from the academic and economic world. In recent years she has been dedicated to the design and implementation of innovative research methodologies including DOXA F.A.C.S. Application (neuromarketing methodology) and Innovation Lab (listening the world of Opinion Leaders). 

Manuela Ferrari

Sociologist/senior consultant/senior qualitative researcher

She has been involved in interventions aimed at optimizing public policies on local development, ecology and biodiversity, urban security and innovation (among others on behalf of Regione Lombardia on IP Life “Gestire 2020 Naturachevale”). In 2020 and 2021, for BVA-Doxa, she studied the approach of GenZ towards energy sustainability. She also worked on motivational issues in choosing neutraceutical products in general and Omega3 in particular.