Ardes Cosmetici

Ardes was created by Mr. Romano Ravaglia in 1971. The corporate purpose is to manufacture and sale cosmetics products, raw materials, technologies for cosmetics, and to manage beauty and pilot centres.

Cosmetics’ manufacturing is divided between those are produced for ARDES brand and those are produced for third parties.
Certifications: UNI EN ISO 22716 (in relation to GMPs) BIO ECO COSMESI (organic cosmetic product) VEGAN OK (products compatible with vegan philosophies).

Type of processed products: Cosmetic products such as Creams, pastes, gels, oils, detergents, tensiolites, serums, tonics, aqueous solutions. Mass products or products packaged in cans, jars, bottles, welded tubes, glass vials, single-dose sachets, single-dose vials, containers with special dispensers (sponge, roll, foamer, etc.), sachets with soaked veils, sachets with ready-made clays.
The plant is located on the second floor of a shed located in an industrial area on the edge of the town (Total surface area of 1300 sqm plus 500 sqm of mezzanines. 7 portals for driveway access).

Work Package

WP3 , WP5 , WP6 , WP7, WP8


Riccardo Ravaglia

Technical Director and Administrator

The company is almost entirely owned by the founding family. Riccardo Ravaglia began to direct it partially in 1981 at the age of 24. In 1990 he became administrator, gaining a comprehensive experience in the management, managerial, technical, regulatory and scientific sectors over the years.
Under his leadership, the company has adapted to the evolution of the sector from law 713/86 to the new European regulation 1223/2009 by updating its training with courses promoted by trade associations (UniproCosmetica Italia) of which Ardes has been a partner since 1983.

Cristina Caprio

Production director

Main duties and responsibilities:
• Production director
• Application of legislative updates
• Executive product labeling
• Control of incoming raw materials and any revaluations
• Quality control and stability tests of new products
• PIF drafting according to article 11 new Regulation 1223/2009
• Internal courses on hygiene and cleansing, microbiology and understanding of labelling
• Electronic notification of cosmetic products according to the new Regulation 1223/2009