Aqua De Ma

Our business started in 2000. We immediately became a positive example of sustainable farming: in fact, we were one of the first companies to develop off-shore mariculture and we are still one of the few in Italy.

A strategic choice which immediately positioned our company as one of the most innovative in the sector in the Mediterranean Sea; a positive example of the ability to combine the needs of production with respect for the environment. Over the years, numerous projects conducted with Italian universities and European institutions have confirmed our environmental excellence.

AQUA managing the “offshore” marineculture sea bream e sea bass plant located off the coast of Lavagna (Genova). The plant is composed by 16 cages, 12 with a diameter of 20 meters and 4 with a diameter of 25 meters. The “off-shore” marineculture, is the most innovative among the others becaus:

  1. the high quality of the breeding water and the maintenance of these conditions thanks to a strong natural turnover (250 changes / day per cage)
  2. the enormous volumes available allow low fish density, with average values of 8 kg / m3 and maximum values of less than 15 kg / m3 which allow fish swimming in more space;
  3. the guarantee of ensuring environmental conditions and welfare conditions for farmed animals that are completely similar to natural ones;
  4. the absence of risks of onset of pathologies and, consequently, the cancellation of veterinary treatment practices.

The qualitative choices that have been set in the design and management of the plant is leading a growing trend over the years.

Work Package

WP1, WP2, WP6, WP7, WP8

  1. Fish Processing Side-streams (FPS) Exploitation to obtain Eco-FISH-powder : AQUA’s Seabass and sea bream  mixed viscera head and bones co-products will be at once collected together in order to be processed on-site with pilot unit-EPPU developed and optimised by THM. The resulting dry concentrated bioactive powders will be packed in vacuum for transport.
  2. Aquaculture Nets recycling:AQUA collect their disposed aquaculture nets to valorize PA6, PA66 and PE  as second raw materials
  3. EPLA boxes collection, sorting and selection. During the implementation phase EPLA eco-FISH-boxes will be introduced to substitute conventional EPS boxes, by starting the loop of a new circular model. In this loo, AQUA will collect all the eco-FISH-boxes at the end of their use phase, to transport them to AMIU for bio-degradation and production of soil improvers at the dedicated AMIU site in Genoa Harbour fishing boat deck.


Roberto Cò


In 2000 Founder, President and Director of the ACQUA S.r.l. operating in the sector of offshore aquaculture, currently CEO. The main activities are:
• Company administration and management
• Business plan development for new business lines
• Design of plants and systems for aquaculture.
• Conception, drafting and management of co-financed investment and research projects

Roberta Patellani

HACCP control officer

HACCP control officer. Main tasks are:

  • Control of correct food management and prevention from any form of contamination, formulation and programming of the analytical plan and relationship with the various accredited laboratories.
  • Relationship with the competent health authority, support in their control checks and drafting of any requests to be requested.
  • Supervision of machinery used in the company and control of equipment

Davide Monteggia

Scuba diver

In AQUA srl the main activity is “scuba diver”. In charge of the processing (evisceration, packaging) of the products of the Skin Packaging line (heat sealing).

Sara Janeth San Martin Redrovan

Qualified worker

Responsible for the evisceration, cutting and processing of the fish. In charge of HACCP management in the processing room with data acquisition (tables, temperature measurement, product batches and various sanitizations) to be subsequently transmitted to the sector manager.